Care home favourite dishes

We take pride in providing a nutritionally balanced diet for our residents. It is important our residents receive the nutrients they need to stay well and healthy.

We encourage variety in their diets, so we change our menu weekly, using seasonal ingredients. We ensure the meals are visually appealing as well as tasty and focus the weekly changing menu on our residents’ preferences and dietary needs.

All meals are prepared and cooked by our chef ensuring the freshest and healthiest produce.

Here are our resident’s favourite meals as voted in our recent resident meeting;

  1. Fish and chips
  2. Sunday Roast
  3. Fish pie
  4. Cottage / Shepherd’s pie
  5. Sausage and mash

We take our residents nutritional needs seriously and encourage even the most reluctant of eaters to maintain a healthy diet. We also like to encourage friends and family to join our residents for meal times. We look forward to seeing you soon.