Pet Pals pilot at Sherwood House

Sherwood House has been involved in an exciting Pet Pals pilot for care and support projects at NCHA.

Pet Pals is about bringing pets into care projects to reduce the feeling of loneliness for our residents. Colleagues were invited to bring in their pets to meet the residents and interact with one another.

Why animals?

  • There are numerous wellbeing and health benefits associated with animals.
  • Residents and colleagues alike can enjoy bonding with their peers over a shared fondness for animals while in a safe space.
  • Affectionate, loyal, and consistent, pets reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness.
  • Pets fulfil the basic human need for touch, and patting a pet has been proven to lower your heart rate.

Project admin Helen Dennis brought in her three lovely dogs; Kara, Maia and Salka in September. They are all very talented and have participated in dog shows, so Helen demonstrated a lovely show for the residents.

Dogs at Sherwood House

One resident Marjorie, who has always had a fear of cats and dogs, put her concerns to one side and attended the event. She was happier letting the dogs keep their distance, but she really enjoyed the event, particularly watching the dogs perform their tricks and meeting other residents.

Activities Co-ordinator Lisa Sims brought in her little Westie, named Angel during November. There was a fun quiz followed by guess the number of dog bones in the jar to win a hamper.

Dog at Sherwood House

Mary a resident at Sherwood House loved meeting Angel, she never had a dog or any pets herself but said “She’s a clever lovely dog”, and enjoyed giving her lots of fuss and attention when Angel was playing with her food puzzle.

Housekeeper Cindy said: “We love dogs in the workplace. Dogs are always welcome to visit as it’s great for morale and everyone will always stop for a pet and a chat – it’s also great for creating opportunities for positive interactions with residents.”

Looking to the future

We certainly welcome pets at Sherwood House and we are pleased that the Pet Pals pilot is proving successful.