Meet our new Activity Coordinator

We would like to introduce Lisa our new Activity Coordinator at Sherwood House.

Lisa is responsible for providing our residents with a range of activities for them to engage with that are meaningful to them personally. The idea is to support residents to have the best quality of life possible and most of all to be happy living with us.

We asked Lisa to tell us more about her new role and what she has planned:

What are you most looking forward to in this new role?

I am really looking forward to spending time with all the residents. They all have such amazing stories to tell about their lives and I want to make sure that they feel valued and we do activities that they enjoy. I want to make sure that my programme is varied and suits all of the needs of the residents.

What activities do the residents most enjoy?

The two most popular activities are the sing-a-longs and bingo. They also love it when the children from the local school come along to play games and do craft activities.

Are you planning on trying anything new?

Absolutely, I want to make sure that each week we provide something different for the residents. I'd like the residents to feel part of the activities we do.

I would also like to involve the local community more. We already have a great relationship with the local school and church and I would like to expand on that by inviting local people in to talk to the residents. For example we have a local singer coming in a couple of weeks to do a small concert.

Have you done anything like this before?

I have been involved with the local church, where I supported a youth club for vulnerable children and also ran a café for the elderly. I love being with people and making them smile. My experience has really helped me in my new role here at Sherwood House.

Lisa has settled in really well at Sherwood House and the residents have really warmed to her. We would like to wish her well in her new role.

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