Gifts for relatives in a care home

The festive season is almost upon us and we imagine you'll be planning your Christmas shopping. 

We often get asked for gift ideas for our residents. So we thought we would share our favourite gift ideas which will be appreciated by the residents in our care home.

Feeling pampered is an indulgent and soothing experience for everyone. Let your loved one feel cared for with their favourite smellies.

Essential oil diffuser
Aromas have immense power. With the right scent, we can feel invigorated, comforted or indulged. However, scent also has the power to unlock memories. This means that, if chosen carefully, a certain scent through an essential oil diffuser will remind them of home.

Tickets for a show or experience
Sometimes the best gift is one of time. Take your relative out from the care home with tickets to a show, performance or experience that you know they’ll appreciate.

Slippers make a lovely gift and are particularly appreciated as they tend to be worn more often in the care home.

We’ve seen residents absolutely delighted by receiving a cushion made from a favourite fabric, or even an item of clothing which belonged to a loved one.

A cosy blanket
A comfortable and warm blanket helps to personalise their space and makes them feel cared for.

It can be difficult or impossible for residents to do their own browsing and shopping. So comfy cardigans, new nightwear, and even socks, can be gifts which bring a smile.

Digital photo frame
As space can be limited to display all family photos, why not consider a digital photo frame and load it with all you favourite memories? 

Audiobooks can be a way for those who are struggling to read to still enjoy their favourite books.

Puzzles and games
Table-top and handheld puzzles and games provide something to challenge the mind and keep them busy. 

Sweet treats
Who doesn’t love receiving a gift of their favourite chocolate or homemade biscuits? Think of your loved one’s favourite treats and wrap them up!

Lastly, buy them a DVD of their favourite film or TV series. Being able to watch a familiar show or film can help them to feel good and entertained when you’re not there.

We hope this gives you a few ideas on what to buy for a relative in a care home. Also, don’t forget that the best gift you can give is your time. So pop in for a visit, share a meal together, or take your loved one out, if you can.