Exciting plans for 2022

As a new year begins, we are looking forward to some exciting developments here at Sherwood House.

In response to resident feedback, we have agreed to once again open up the greenhouse by clearing the paving to the side of the plot to make the greenhouse accessible and mobility friendly.

Raised beds are being introduced to make the garden more accessible for our residents. We hope this will help inspire those residents in the gardening club to get planting in the spring.

We have been exploring options to make the summerhouse more usable in the colder months by installing electrics and repairing the roof. It is important that we encourage our residents to enjoy the garden safely and securely.

It has also been suggested that the small summerhouse in the front of the property could be repaired and act as a small shop. We are in the process of arranging the repairs and will continue to explore the idea with the residents and relations.

Two new baths are being installed this year with new flooring in the bathrooms. This will make bathing safer and easier for our residents.

This year will be the year our boiler will need an upgrade. A Technical Inspector is due to appraise the work required so that it is undertaken with minimal disruption as possible.

We will continue to run our monthly calendar of events which include fundraising efforts. We hope to see many familiar and new faces throughout the year, whilst remaining healthy and safe.

We look forward to sharing photos of our developments throughout the year. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our plans.