Activities to improve wellbeing

Here at Sherwood House, we love spending time with our residents and interacting them. Every month we have a programme of activities to help maintain their physical and mental wellbeing. When they’re having fun joining in, they are less likely to feel lonely, to become depressed or to spend too much time focussing on their illnesses and ailments.

Planned activities are a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other better too.

Here are their favourite activities as chosen by our residents during a recent residents meeting.

  1. Crosswords and quizzes are the most popular with our residents. A competitive game keep minds sharp.
  2. Reminiscence is hugely popular with all of our residents. We help participants recollect events, people and places from their past through stimulating and triggering the senses (sight, touch, taste, smell and sound).
  3. Singalongs are third favourite. Our residents enjoy listening to old classics and especially carols at Christmas time.
  4. Arts and crafts - the residents really enjoy making things they can put to good use and display in their rooms or throughout the home.
  5. The residents like to get competitive with a game of Sticky 13. It’s a fun card game which keeps everyone focussed.

For more specific details and examples of activities and events, please visit our news and events page for more information.

Care home residents at Sherwood House playing games Care home resident with a jigsaw puzzle